Fused Clapton Pair 0.1Ω

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For the serious mech user, these Fused Claptons are made with Ni80 to offer a fast ramp up with a wide surface area for maximum flavour. Perfect for anyone in search of big clouds and bigger flavour.



Resistance may vary due to leg length when installing. Please ensure you have a full working knowledge and understanding of Ohm’s Law and battery safety before using this product.

Coil Specs
Resistance Per Pair: 0.10ohms
Core Wire: 2*24g
Wrap Wire: 40g
Inner Diameter: 3mm
Wraps: 6
Width: 8mm

1 review for Fused Clapton Pair 0.1Ω

  1. sammwatkinslittle (verified owner)

    Ever since I came across these guys, they have been nothing short of amazing to me! Their work, I have found 2nd to none and they have became a huge part in almost every setup I have done as of late! Honestly can’t fault Peaky winders both as people, and as craftsman!

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